How to get the best henna results? Tips for proper aftercare.

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2 min readJan 6, 2021
Henna design with dark stain by @_theadornmag_ on Instagram

Have you ever wondered why your henna doesn’t seem to get a dark stain? It could be that you don’t take the proper aftercare needed for the best henna results. In this article I will explain exactly what you need to do after you applied henna, to get the darkest stain possible.

Use the best quality henna

It is very important to use the right henna. The best option is using all-natural henna. You can get this by making it yourself, following this recipe, or you can contact your local henna artist who uses natural henna and check if they sell their cones.
Using high quality, natural henna ensures that you don’t get any allergic reactions and helps with easy application for the prettiest designs.

Keep the paste on for as long as possible

After applying the henna paste, let it dry, but not completely! Once it dries, crumbles and falls off, the stain cannot be transferred onto your skin as well anymore. So, to keep the paste on for as long as possible, keep it slightly moist.

Use lemon-sugar solution

One way to do this is to use a lemon-sugar solution. Squeeze half a lemon, heat the lemon juice, and add 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar. Let it cool and apply it on your henna design by dabbing it on with a cotton ball, or put it in a spray bottle and spray it over your design.
The lemon juice will make the stain come out properly and keep the design moist, the sugar will make sure your design keeps sticking onto your skin and won’t crumble off.

Use mefix tape

To keep the paste on as long as possible, you can choose to sleep with it as well. Don’t put your hand in a plastic bag, as the plastic will make your hand sweat, which will make the design bleed. Instead, you can use mefix tape.
Mefix tape is a self sticking, dressing retention tape. It is breathable so when you stick it on top of your henna design, it won’t bleed.

Keep your hands warm

The henna stain develops better when you have warm hands. In warmer climates, darker stains tend to be seen more. This is also why henna applied in summer gives a better result than henna applied in winter. So, especially in winter, keep your hands near a candle, or in front of a heater.



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